Happy Friday luvs! Its #flashbackfriday! Today’s feature is “Ms. Fat Booty” by the original Pretty Flacko, Mr. Mos Def. It came out in 1999 and idk what I was doing at that time but I know for damn sure this title didn’t apply to me,lol. Nowadays this could possibly be my own lil personal anthem! 💅 😂 (sorry had a bird moment lol). Watch below 👇


The Lazy Beauty Queen

Working On That … 

So I’ve been being blog shady; not posting, forgetting to post or just too tired to post . Please allow me to reintroduce myself 🎶 lol ….So I started a new job . I call it my big girl job . I’m a consultant for the federal government, in the infrastructure and military health market . Sounds pretty legit right lol. It’s really just what I went to school for, consulting . And I can say I lubb my job. Continue reading “Working On That … “

Short Couple , Short Baby Problems

So as I get older it seems like everyone around me is either getting married or having a baby. Now that I’m 26 and climbing, everyone’s favorite question is “when are you going to have a baby”? Umm when I get some coins, I mean hello, I live in Northern VA it’s expensive in these streets. My parents tell me, I can just have the baby and drop it off with them lol, they seriously want to be grandparents. But when I do think about having a baby, a huge fear of mine is ….. and don’t judge my shallowness lol, is that the baby will be short. I’m being realistic here I am 5”0 and my boyfriend is 5”8 . Ain’t no hope for that baby lol. I know it will be a cutie tho, but I do not want a short boy and I want boys, short girls are fine, I’m just worried about the boys. Of course, of course, I just want a healthy baby, but outside of that this is a real concern of mine.
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